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One in six adults around the world have come through childhood unable to read and write, a situation mainly due to lack of books and opportunity to read. In response to this shocking situation, the Book Bus was founded by publisher Tom Maschler with the aim of supplying books and making them accessible to children. In 2008 the Book Bus began delivering books to schools in Zambia and working with children to inspire them to read. Five years on and we have opened further reading schemes in Zambia, Malawi, Ecuador and India where over 5,000 children now have books that are relevant and accessible to read. We look forward to continuing our reading schemes in 2013 with the aim of reaching a further 10,000 children by 2015.

For more information please get in touch with us at our UK address or by emailing info@thebookbus.org.


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How Can I Volunteer?
Whether you are a natural born volunteer or just want a holiday with a difference you can join the Book Bus as a volunteer and participate directly in the work that we do. It’s the dedicated work of our volunteers that makes the biggest difference to the children who we work with.
Find out more about Book Bus volunteering here.